Kee Song Frozen Spring Chicken Twin Pack - PB54

Kee Song Frozen Spring Chicken Twin Pack - PB54

Kee Song Frozen Spring Chicken Twin Pack - PB54
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Benefits of Frozen Normal Chicken

Frozen chicken is often blast chilled or flash frozen to preserve as much nutrition, texture and freshness as possible.
Flash-frozen chicken has a nutritional profile similar to fresh chicken's, as the process does not use any preservatives.
Chicken is also a source of iron, potassium, vitamins K and A, and B vitamins, particularly niacin.

Does Frozen Normal Chicken uses antibiotic & hormones?
These chicken are fed with traces of antibiotic in their feed during their rearing process. However those are safe and not abusively been used. Once these normal chickens are ready to be sent to Singapore for processing, they will go thru a 7 days withdrawal period to pass out all their antibiotic residuals in their body to make them antibiotic residuals free. This has to be verify daily by AVA custom inspection with random sampling to make sure that the antibiotic level is below the legal amount.

AVA does not allow the use of hormones in animals for export of meat to Singapore.

2 x Frozen Spring Chicken (600g)

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A leading poultry producer in Singapore and Malaysia today, Kee Song's poultry products are processed locally for optimum freshness. We make it a point to ensure that our consumers receive only the freshest and highest quality products from us that are antibiotics residual free. Premium quality selected chicken which is good with any form of cooking.

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