01) How many pieces in the 500g pack?

Breast: 2-3 pcs
Whole leg: 2-3 pcs
Wings: 5-7 pcs
Carcass: 2 pcs
Feet: 10-12 pcs
Cut portion: 6-8 pcs

If 350g:
Breast: 2 pcs
Boneless leg: 2 pcs
Drumette: 7 pcs
Mid-joint wing: 7 pcs
Wings: 4 pcs

02) Can we get your products in the supermarket?
You may visit our customers store such as Sheng Siong, Giant, Mahota to purchase a wide range of our Kee Song products listed there.

03) Which are the products are reared without antibiotics and growth hormones
All our premium product range such as Lacto, Cordyceps, Carogold and Sakura Chicken are reared without antibiotics and growth hormones.

04) Are your ready to eat and ready to cook products without any drugs?
These ranges of products are normal chicken that are antibiotic residual free upon entering our Singapore custom under the strict supervision from AVA.

05) How do we apply the promo code?
Upon check out, enter the promo code in the box and click “Use Promo”

06) What is the difference between Lacto chicken and Sakura chicken?
Lacto chicken = Organic chicken (Fed with lactobacillus from Singapore technology)
Sakura chicken = Non-organic chicken (Fed with lactobacillus from Japan technology)

07) Can I collect my purchase from the factory?
Unfortunately, AVA not allows our factory open to walk in customer due to for hygiene purpose. Will be glad have it delivered to your residence thru our online platform at Alternatively, you can purchase our products from NTUC, Giant,, Mustafa, Sheng Siong..etc

08) Are Kee Song Fresh Chicken sold via Redmart also antibiotic and growth hormone free?
Those fresh chicken products listed over at Redmart are Antibiotic residual free. This means that they will have trace antibiotic to combat the usual disease such as salmonella, which a min is a must as it been reared by the thousands. However, all those fresh chicken has went thru a withdrawal period before they are allowed to enter Singapore due to AVA requirement. Any chicken that contains high antibiotic level on them will be banned from entering Singapore as AVA will do a random test over at our custom of Singapore.
One more thing, hormones are considered an illegal drug to apply on poultry anywhere in the world.

09) Will it be safe to thaw and refreeze the frozen products?
Not recommended to do that as bacteria do grow after thawed. I will suggest you break the portion needed and keep the unthaw portion back.
For frozen products, if you won't be able to consume it, yes, please cut the portion you will able to consume before it thaws. Do keep the remain portion in the freezer to freeze it. When you will like to consume, thaw it and cook it, however, do not refreeze it back one you thaw it as per AVA guideline.

10) Do u sell pre-cut or pre-chopped whole chicken?
Actually over at NTUC, you can grab our chicken and pass it to the butcher over at the meat section. They will be glad to chop it up for you without any additional cost.

11) What is the different between the chicken from your company and the grass-fed chicken?
Grassfed - they will not walk very far out of their line of sight; they feed on what they see close to them. They won't go around a see-through fence for water.
Our chickens - enclosed farming automated and fed with lactobacillus (probiotic) without using any antibiotic and growth hormones right from day 1

12) Can I get Carogold or Cordyceps chicken in Malaysia?
Currently, only Lacto(frozen & chilled) is available in Malaysia. In future will have it listed over at M'sia once we harness enough interest from the supermarket chain.

13) I'm a first time customer and I'm on the order page now. Do you have any promo code for first-time customers?
Yes, we do. Over at checkout page, please key in “hellokeesong” into the promo code box and click “use promo”. You will be able to get a $5 off on your first purchase.

14) Why are all your chickens frozen?
We use blast freeze technology to quickly freeze our freshly processed chicken to have it at -18 frozen conditions to prevent any further bacteria growth on our products. This way, we will be able to deliver the best quality products to our customers. Blast freezing is a process that rapidly freezes fresh poultry to -18ºC within three to four hours. Supercooled air is blasted within the freezer and circulated by high flow rate axial fans. At a working temperature of -35ºC, it causes heat exchange from the fresh poultry and rapidly absorbs the latent heat from within the meat. This takes place in a controlled environment insulated from the outside elements.

15) Why are blast frozen products better?
When meat is frozen, the water inside it crystallizes. If freezing takes place at relatively warm temperatures, the ice crystals that form will be large. Whereas in a blast freezer, the extremely cold temperature promotes rapid freezing, which creates small ice crystals that have a less damaging impact on the meat. Once the meat has been frozen in a blast freezer, it can be moved to a conventional freezer for storage.

16) Differences between Normal and premium chicken.
Normal Chicken:
Black chicken, kampong chicken, fresh chicken are considered normal chicken.

Normal chicken are chicken that fed with traces of antibiotics in their feed during their rearing process. However, those are safe and not abusively been used. Once these normal chickens are ready to be sent to Singapore for processing, they will go thru a 7 days withdrawal period to pass out all their antibiotic residuals in their body to make them antibiotic residuals free. This has to verify daily by AVA custom inspection with random sampling to make sure that the antibiotic level is below the legal amount.
AVA does not allow the use of hormones in animals for export of meat to Singapore.

Premium Chicken:
Sakura, Lacto, CaroGold, Cordyceps

All these 4 premium brand are fed with a mix blend of Lactobacillus as the basic start. All 4 brands don't consume a single drop of antibiotic from day one. Lacto chicken / Cordyceps chicken / Carogold chicken = Organic chicken (Fed with lactobacillus from Singapore technology); whereas, Sakura chicken = Non-organic chicken (Fed with lactobacillus from Japan technology)

What makes them so special is that on the 3rd week, not only they continue to consume lactobacillus premix in their daily feed, they are also fed with Cordycepin to become Cordyceps chicken, they fed with Lutein and Carotenoids to become CaroGold Chicken.

Is like BMW 5 Series:
523 - Lacto Chicken
528 - Cordyceps Chicken
535 - CaroGold Chicken

Carogold is even better. Contain Lutein and Carotenoids which are natural ingredients that contain vitamin A and E which is good for the eyes, antioxidant effect and good for the heart too. The first chicken to be awarded healthier choice symbol.

17) Where can CaroGold be purchased?
Carogold is available at Redmart and Kee Song online only.

18) How are the products be delivered?
Our products are packed in a thermal insulator bag which can keep it frozen condition for the next 4-6 hours under room temp.

19) Are your chickens farmed with growth hormones and antibiotics?
Our Sakura chicken, Lacto chicken, Cordyceps, and Carogold are all farmed without using any antibiotics and growth hormones.

20) Will you be able to deliver at a specific time?
Yes, We could arrange but it will be guaranteed as it subjected to the delivery route, schedule, and location at that point in time.

21) The whole chicken still have neck & head intact?
Premium chicken (Lacto, Carogold, Cordyceps) = without head & neck
Normal chicken (Frozen, Black, Kampong chicken) = come head & neck

22) Seafood: Difference between Flounder stick and Flounder skin on?
Flounder stick is with bone, Flounder skin on is with skin without bone.

23) Normal chicken part selling in Redmart are also hormone free?
Those are fed with antibiotic but there is a 7 days withdrawal period before they are been sent to Singapore for processing as part of AVA regulation. Growth hormones are banned in Singapore.

24) Do you sell chicken poo fertilizer?
You may contact our R&D Lab Otemchi Biotechologies to purchase fertilizer using our chicken dropping, Tel: +65-6694 0330

25) It is true that poultry in Singapore has to be dipped or rinsed in chlorine for a minimum of 2 seconds before it is sold? Is this also applicable to chicken from Kee Song? In cleaning the chickens, are there any chemicals added to the water (if there is water) or on the chickens to disinfect them?
We do use food grade chlorine in our spin chiller water at a low concentration of 10 ppm, which is within USDA allowable limits, to kill pathogens such as Salmonella & Campylobacter, and also to reduce carcass cross contamination.

26) When will you top up the Lacto chicken in Malaysia Supermarket daily?
On regular days, we deliver to the outlet every Wed/ Fri/ Sun. Best time for customer to visit will be Fri to Sun when we have a promoter working at the outlet.

27) What do our chickens eat?
Corn protein is not high enough as we need at least 21% to have strong growth. Hence, soybean is necessary for feed as it is the main source of protein. Soy bean is the primary source of protein in the feed. As soy bean is high in phytoestrogens that mimic estrogen.

28) Do you sell fresh Carogold chicken?
Carogold frozen is the only one available as we used blast freeze which is better than fresh lesser in microbial bacteria.

29) What is the withdrawal period for and how does it impact the antibiotics in the chicken aft 7 days?
The withdrawal period is for the chicken to pass out the antibiotic residuals after 7 days. During these 7 days, all the consumed antibiotic will be passed out as manure. After that, they will be able to pass the AVA inspection before entering to Singapore. The time it takes the body to break down the antibiotic until it is no longer functional or present is called the withdrawal time (or withdrawal period). Once the withdrawal period has passed the antibiotic has been eliminated from the animal’s system.

30) What type of plastic do you use to vacuum wrap the whole chicken as well as chicken parts that you supply directly to consumers as well as to supermarkets (like Redmart, NTUC, etc)?
Nylon LLDPE Food Grade

31) I watch Taiwan documentary that chicken tastes best at after 12 weeks-3 months old. Understand that your chickens are only rear 2 months old.
Different breed. Taiwan are Kampong Chicken breed. Ours are broiler.

32) Is there any arsenic in the food?
Feed: All grains imported such as maize, soya bean, pollard, rice barn and so on is organic. Feed additives supplements MSDS information have been submitted to the authority for their document evaluation before on-site MyOrganic compliance audit undertaken.

33) The corn and soy bean are they GMO?
We not free of GMO. The corn, it is GMO corn as it is from North or South America. Our cornflakes are already GMO. Soy bean is necessary in feed as it is the main source of protein. We can make the perfect product, but cost will be higher. Soy bean is the primary source of protein in the feed. Corn protein is not high enough as we need at least 21% to have strong growth.

34) Is your chicken selling in NTUC Halal certified?
There are Halal and non Halal, you have to find the right shelving with all the Halal Chickens.

35) Just wonder are your chickens genetically modified? How long they have been raised to reach 1.2kg?
Hi, our chickens aren't modified. Our chicken took about 42-45 days to reach 1.2kg. 1.2kg is dressed bird. So it’s a 45 days old chicken. Whereas live bird is about 1.892 kg for 42-45 days. If remove all the intestine, feathers, blood...will be about 1.2-1.3kg.

36) Why some of the chickens got red dots on their meat?
Those red dots on chicken meat are called blood splash/ blood spotting in meat technology term. Ineffective electrical or mechanical stunning may lead to blood pressure being high for a longer period, resulting in increased blood splash.

37) Which NTUC outlets carry Sakura Chicken Livers?
NTUC 510 (Bishan), Bishan J8, Scotts Square, Festive Mall@Tampines Hub, Hillion Mall, Jurong Point, Marsiling MRT

38) Are your chickens farm in "cage free" environment?
Our chicken are not reared free-range. The chicken are reared in water cool close house with humidity and wind control.

39) Is the Frozen Vacuum bag safe for Sous Vide?
Our vacuum bag we use for frozen chicken are made from Nylon LLDPE (Food Grade), but not meant for cook-in purpose, not safe for Sous Vide.

40) Where can we get the premium chicken over at Hong Kong?
You can come to our own retail outlet - DELIFANS for purchase :
Or, some stores of YATA (e.g. Tuen Mun, Mongkok) : ,

41) What is the ideal consume term for fresh and frozen products?
For fresh products, better to consume within 3 days; whereas for frozen products is within 6 months. However, for both fresh and frozen products, do not refreeze it back once you thawed it as per AVA guideline.

42) Difference between Lacto spring chicken and Lacto chicken.
Lacto spring chicken size is relative smaller than Lacto chicken. As the size range is from 500g to 700g which is half the size of Lacto chicken at 1.2kg.

43) Where can purchase Carogold chicken broth?
Carogold chicken broth can be found in our online store, Redmart and Amazon Prime online store too.

44) What is the delivery cost for our online store?
There will be no delivery fee if you purchase over $49. A surcharge of S$10.00 is required for orders less than S$49.

45) Which supermarkets in Singapore can I buy your CaroGold, Cordyceps and Lacto chicken apart from your online store?
You may visit Redmart or Amazon to purchase our premium chicken series.  For physical outlet, you may visit Mahota Supermarket and Global Halal Hub at Chai Chee to purchase too.

46) Do you use chlorine to process the chicken?
We do use food grade antimicrobial agents in our spin chiller water at a low concentration of 10 ppm, which is within USDA allowable limits, to kill pathogens such as Salmonella & Campylobacter, and also to reduce carcass cross-contamination. What we are using now is called Sodium hypochlorite which is an approved antimicrobial agent to kill pathogens.
Here is the link you can refer for further information.

47) Do your chicken lay eggs?
Our chickens are broilers. Chicken that lay eggs are breeder. Different types of chicken. Broilers don't lay eggs, they are mainly for the meat. Layers job is to lay eggs and produce chicken which they will eventually become old fowl (老母鸡)
Check out our video shot by MediaCorp>>
Our chickens are been taken care of in the utmost humane way..

48) What if our chickens fall ill? How are they treated them?
Quarantine and use natural formulation such as probiotic and lactobacillus, plants extract bioflavonoid on natural healing therapy.

49) Could you please confirm how many chickens per square metre/foot?
1 square foot per bird density.

50) Which vacations do you administer to all the chicks?
~ Vaccination Yes. NDIB and IBD.
~ Newcastle Diesease
~ Avian infectious bronchitis
~ Gumboro Disease
~ Vaccination for above

51) What strain of Lactobacillus bacteria do u feed the Premium Chickens with?
We're using > Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Lactobacillus Fermentum

52) Lacto chicken can be buy from the following places:
Kee song online, Amazon prime, Redmart, Mahota Prime supermarket, Honest Bee, Wild barley gourmet shop, Straits Market, New Zealand fresh

53) Can I buy the chicken broth in any supermarkets?
Our Caragold chicken broth only available at Redmart, Honest Bee, Kee Song Online store only.

54) Are they drug and vaccine free? I know it is antibiotic and hormone free, but sometimes they can be given drugs like Benadryl?
Vaccines are generally considered organic. Vaccination is compulsory in broiler production, this to prevent viral and bacterial diseases. We do not use Benadryl in our poultry production !

55) What is the chilling method that is used (after being killed) ? Air or water ?
We use water chilling method.

56) What is the refund policy?
~ As our products are perishable, all food sales are final
~ In the event that the product is not up to satisfaction, kindly drop us an email via to get your feedback assisted
~ Exchange of products subjected to case to case basis