Our story
Kee Song Food Corporation (S) Pte Ltd set up in 1987, previously known as Kee Song Brothers Poultry Industries Pte Ltd, we kick-start our adventure by selling chickens to wet market vendor. Gradually, we widened our circle of customers including top hotels and restaurants in Singapore. As a leading poultry producer in both Singapore and Malaysia today, Kee Song Group owns several farms to meet the increasing demands of our clients around the region. Besides rearing of chickens, we also handle the processing, packaging, and distribution of fresh chilled and frozen poultry. Today, Kee Song Group is listed in Taiwan. Over the years, we started embracing innovative farming techniques, in the hope of giving our consumers greater health benefits.

Our commitment
With our very own specialized, eco-friendly, enclosed farms, we are able to control the products right at source ensuring only top quality products reach our customers. Having these facilities also allow us to constantly develop new ways to improve the standards of our products.

Our Products
Our chickens are raised in a closed house that is fitted with the evaporative cooling system and automatic feeders and drinkers, minimizing any human contact with the chicken, that may trigger unnecessary stress to the chicken. The birds also get a daily dose of Mozart Music, a method believed to relax the birds. All these efforts are put in place to improve the welfare of our birds. Result: Less stressed chicken, resulting in a more tender, succulent and better quality chicken meat for consumers.

We specialize in:
~ Kami Sakura, Sakura (Award Winning) and Imperial Cordyceps Chicken (Premium Brand)

~ Fresh local chicken and duck
~ Halal Chicken (approved by MUIS)
~ All frozen poultry

Our Certificates
~ ISO 9001:2000
~ Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) 
~ SIFST Food Awards

Benefits of Shopping Online with Us
~ User-friendly interface
~ Product assurance right from the factory
~ Home delivery and no more heavy loads
~ No more queuing up
~ Enjoy exclusive prices
~ Earn points for gift redemption
~ Daily delivery island wide to residential and offices
~ 24 hours shopping
~ No battling for car park space
~ No paper receipts to stash your wallet
~ It never rains in the web world
~ Enjoy promotional bundles
~ A wide range of products to choose from
~ Save time & money
~ Shop on your smartphone anywhere
~ Latest products updated regularly