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Make your dishes more flavourful with tasty chicken broth

Want hot and tasty food for your hungry stomach? Carogold Chicken Broth is perfect for you! Try the KEE SONG's Frozen Carogold Chicken Broth that’s rich in flavor and can bring satisfaction with every sip. A pure natural flavor coming from high-quality and all-organic ingredients, KEE SONG's Frozen Carogold Chicken Broth is a mouthwatering and flavorful chicken broth that the whole family can enjoy. Because it was made with natural ingredients and repared with no preservatives, we can assure that it gives the most nutritious and satisfactory flavor to all food enthusiasts. It comes at a very affordable price and can be prepared by anyone with little to no effort. Order now and experience the great flavor.

Kee Song Frozen CaroGold Chicken Broth (Non-Halal) 500g - CG007


One of Kee Song Group Signature Products CaroGold™ Chickens are reared in a clean and controlled eco-friendly environment without using growth hormones and antibiotics. These chickens are fed with a carefully formulated diet containing lactobacillus, natural carotenoid and lutein. The carotenoids give our chickens a unique golden tinged with firmer meat - Perfect for the health conscious. Benefits of CaroGold Chicken Awarded Healthier Choice Symbol Organic Certified Fed With Lactobacillus and Carotenoid Contains Lutein and Carotenoid Mozart Listening Chicken Farmed Without Using Antibiotics and Growth Hormones** *As compared to normal chickens**Our poultry farms are UK Certified by ISO9001:2008 for "Farming of Antibiotics Free Broilers". CaroGold Chicken is the only chicken with skin on to be awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol