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Kee Song Frozen CaroGold Chicken Carcass (Non-Halal) (3 pkts Bundle) - PB095

One of Kee Song Group Signature Products

CaroGold™ Chickens are reared in a clean and controlled eco-friendly environment without using growth hormones and antibiotics. These chickens are fed with a carefully formulated diet containing lactobacillus, natural carotenoid and lutein. The carotenoids give our chickens a unique golden tinged with firmer meat - Perfect for the health conscious.

Benefits of CaroGold Chicken

  • Awarded Healthier Choice Symbol
  • Organic Certified
  • Fed With Lactobacillus and Carotenoid
  • Contains Lutein and Carotenoid
  • Mozart Listening Chicken
  • Farmed Without Using Antibiotics and Growth Hormones**

*As compared to normal chickens
**Our poultry farms are UK Certified by ISO9001:2008 for "Farming of Antibiotics Free Broilers".

CaroGold Chicken is the only chicken with skin on to be awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol

Price: S$12.90 15.90